What is the best heat distribution non stick pan for gas stove?

Although Gas stoves have been around for a long time, they are older than electric stoves still preferred by many people as you are easy to adjust the heat of a gas stove. Moreover, using gas is also comparatively cheaper than cooking with electricity.

If you are owning gas stove, it is important to know what is the best non-stick pan for gas stove to efficiently cook your food. Best pans sets gas stoves should distribut heat evenly across the entire pan and quickly adapt to changes in temperature.

#1 Why you should get even heat distribute non-stick pan?

When you use a non-stick pan that distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface, it will help to keep your food from scorching, cook evenly and also last longer. Not only that, It’s a good ideal to have at least on non-stick pan in your kitchen for cooking eggs, fish fillets, or other delicate items.

However, there is a note that non-stick coating tends to breaks down faster at high temperatures, so hot spots can shorten the lifespan of a pan. This is why you need an even heat distribute non-stick pan.

#2 Stainless steel

If you’re going to buy stainless steel pots and pans, make sure that they’re clad with copper or aluminium. Aluminium sandwiched by two layers of stainless steel is called as stainless steel tri-ply. This helps with corrosion and wear protection for a long time used.

The drawback of stainless steel is that its heat distribution is not really good. The copper or aluminum clad will help the pan works on induction and is an excellent material for even heat distribution.

Furthermore, Cladding will make pots and pans easier to clean. However, these pans are usually much more expensive than their normal stainless steel cookware.

#3 Aluminum

Aluminum is the most common type of pan. These are coated with enamel on the outside and are not sticky on the inside. Anodized aluminum is aluminum that was treated electrochemically to produce a hard finish that can withstand peeling or chipping. Anodized aluminum pan can be known as the highest quality pan nowadays as it is excellent heat conductor, and durable.

The drawback of fully aluminum pan is that they won’t work on induction because they’re not magnetic. So, if you has an induction stove, it is better to go with aluminum pan encased in stainless steel.

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Canadian seed banks: i49 seed bank canada review

Growing cannabis from seeds does not require a complicated skill. Like most gardening, all you need is a pot of good soil, seeds, water, a lot of light, and your garden will be brimming with cultivated marijuana in no time. Referred to by some as “weed,” cannabis can thrive in the wild without any human supervision, making their cultivation completely effortless.

Cannabis seeds are sourced from a bunch of Canadian seed banks that differ in quality. With over 400 of the finest seeds on hand, i49, a seed bank based in California, guarantees to bring top-notch indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds wherever.

Origins Of i49 Seed Banks

i49 has a diverse mix of marijuana strains that would excite both novice and expert growers. They offer feminized and auto-flowering seeds and seeds that are high in CBD, providing a choice for just about everyone.

Although the residential cultivation of cannabis plants was allowed in Canada only in 2018, seed banks began “popping” as far back as the end of the 1980s when extinction and biodiversity of marijuana plants became prevalent. Backed by national and international organizations, cannabis communities groomed seed banks of different kinds, with the main purpose of preserving the seeds to alleviate its total destruction.

Laying the groundwork for conservation included nations such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe; countries that during that time, showcased the best practices to stave off the marijuana plant’s obsolescence.

Seed bank communities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada referred to as the Seed-Savers Network initiated the preservation efforts in the North, influencing its growth to countries such as Norway, where the world’s largest seed bank now stands.

Marijuana Strains Strained

Just like every other plant, Cannabis has numerous species and types. Depending on who you ask, you are bound to end up with mixed answers as to what are the best-selling strains ever.

Here are five of the best strains that every seed bank needs to offer:

1. 9 Pound Hammer

It is an 80% indica strain whose buds are covered with resin, offering grape and lime flavors. This chunky strain stands out when placed next to other plants and creates a sense of distress which then leads to extreme relaxation.

2. Amnesia

This sativa-dominant strain offers creative and uplifting effects that put you in a great mood no matter the time of day. It functions as a stimulant, making you forget about your worries, thus its name.

3. Blue Dream

A hybrid between a blueberry and haze, this legendary strain activates your brain while easing your body into a deep and calm euphoria.

4. Chocolope

The buds of this chocolate strain that was popular in the 80s give off sweet coffee flavors that provide amazing cerebral effects that induce smiles and relax your body.

5. Dutch Treat

An all-time favorite in the liberal city of Amsterdam, this essential strain has a sweet, candied flavor that reduces stress and relaxes the user’s mind.

Orders can be placed by visiting their website and through their 1-800 number, both of which have been lauded by customers for its speed and reliability. Here are a few of the reviews that might help you decide

if you want i49 as a cannabis growing partner:

grateful client – “thanking you” (5 stars)

_couldn’t be more: grateful, happy, impressed…. especially considering these most challenging of times. amazing communication and follow through.._

wendy cross – so easy to use (5 stars)

_this company is trustworthy and discreet. their delivery is quick. their products are the best. had no problems at all using them. will definitely buy from them again._

steven – would buy from i49 again (4 stars)

_i ordered 5 blueberry big bud feminized auto’s . they arrived quickly. only 3 of the 5 germinated so i emailed i49 and they sent me out 2 replacement seeds. so far the original 3 are doing great._

Source: https://420bigbud.com/i49-net-reviews/

Although you can grow them even without a green thumb, sufficient knowledge in cannabis growing and high-quality seeds are the first steps towards a successful marijuana growing adventure.

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Best chinchilla foods: How Often to Feed a Chinchilla?

Many people prefer to keep as pets due to their gentle nature; they are adorable and docile animals. As chinchillas parent, once you known what are the best chinchilla foods, you should also research for how often and how much should you feed them.

We are here to help you by giving you some essential information and answer your questions for the optimal chinchilla well being and maintain the healthy weight for them.

#1 How Often to Feed a Chinchilla?

If you have learned about food for chinchilla, you will know that they should not be leave alone without food for a few hours. Most chinchillas don’t have an issue with overeating, if you feed them with proper and healthy food.

Chinchillas should always have hay available. You can leave hay in their cage. Do not worry about overeating. It is only a problem if you notice your chinchilla stops eating.

Chinchillas are mostly known as active in the morning and late in the evening. So you can feed them with other food and treats during these times. You also need to change the hay in your chinchilla’s cage when it is soiled for once a day.

#2 How Much Pellets Should Chinchillas Be Fed?

There is not an exactly amount of pellets that your chinchilla should be eating. As mention above, chinchillas don’t have an issue with overeating. But in general, they should eat about 1-2 tablespoons of pellets each day. Provide them one tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening each day, you can also leave these pellets in their bowl all day.

It is essential to make sure that the pellets are always available. It is more important to maintain a healthy weight for your pets than their amount of food. In the case if you chinchillas begins to decrease their pellet of food intake or stop eating, you should discuss this with your vet.

#3 What should you do if your chinchillas do not eat pellets?

In the case if your chinchillas do not eat their pellets food, you should not switch this food. Once you know that this is the high quality and healthy pellets, stick with it.

You should found that your chinchilla is not eating is due to the pellets of an illness. The food should be switch gradually over a month time. Mix the new pellets with the old pellets in the ratio of gradual increase the new pallets.

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What is the best chinchilla cage setup?

Chinchilla is the small cute, fluffy coat animal. They can be long time companions with you, since under the proper care a chinchilla can have lifespan up to 120 years.

In the wild, they come from Chile and Peru and prefer to live in groups. The chinchilla is not a difficult pet to keep, but they also have some special requirements to tame in the enclosure habitat. Once you found the best chinchilla cage, the following step is giving them the proper cage set up.

#1 Best chinchilla cage setup

Chinchillas are nocturnal rodents; in the natural their environment is the relatively low temperature and humidity area. Since they are nocturnal, they also prefer to live in a quite place.

Due to this, in order to create the best cage chinchilla setup, you should mimic these natural conditions when housing them in the enclosure.

Chinchilla should be kept in the temperature between 55 and 70 F degrees. Any temperature above 82 degrees F could lead to heat stroke for your pets. If the temperature inside your house becomes too warm, turn on air condition.

The ideal humidity range of chinchilla is between 40-50%. Placing their cage in the dry place, not damp. Ensure that the cage is well ventilated.

The cage should be placed in a quiet area, where any noise from human activities do not bother and stress them. Do not place the cage in drafts, far away from direct sunlight, which will increase temperature.

#2 What are necessary for the chinchilla cage setup?


Chinchilla should not live in a wire bottom cage. It is better to provide them with pine shavings, old fabrics, pellet, and shredded paper. Ensure that the bedding is completely safe and do not cause any health problem for chinchillas. It is better to choose to bedding absorbs liquids and odors well.

Water bottle

Water have to always available in the cage, so you should choose the bottle that can be attaches to the cage for the steady water supply. If you use plastic bottle, casing it or cover it with wire mesh will prevent your pets from chewing it. A hay rack and a heavy ceramic food bowl can be great ways to provide food for chinchillas.

Exercise Wheel

As you known, Chinchillas are very active. Providing an exercise wheel in the cage will help them never get bore. Choosing a durable and solid floor wheel to prevent foot injury. It is better to get a 15 inches wheel. Any smaller wheel will be too small for adult chinchillas.


Any blocks of wood and tree branches can be the toys for chinchillas that help them wear down their teeth. It is important to provide toys that do not have any part of plastic.

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